All the answers to commonly asked Accounting & Bookkeeping related questions!

  1. How do I differentiate between Staff Expenses, Bills, and Paidproof?

2. What document types can I upload for my receipts and invoices?

We support JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, and DOC file formats. File size limit is 6MB.

3. Can I upload multiple receipts in 1 PDF file? 

We can process multiple receipts attached to 1 email. However, please upload receipts as separate files.

4. Can Lanturn make payments for me?

As a third party provider for processing receipts, we do not have authority to make payments on behalf of our clients. Authority to make payments out of bank accounts should ultimately be controlled by our clients.

For staff expenses, if we process your payroll for you, we can help consolidate reimbursements as part of your payroll disbursement. For example, on the 23rd of each month, we will consolidate all ‘Approved’ expenses for each employee and include the amount as reimbursements in the payroll summary. This will eliminate the need for you to make a separate reimbursement for your employees.

Get in touch with us if you would like us to help with payroll!

5. I have uploaded a receipt but do not see it appearing in Lanturn? Why is this so?

Receipts will take 1 business day to process before it appears in the Lanturn portal. Should you require processing to be done urgently, please reach out to us to expedite the process.